Solar Hot Water Is Another Way You Can Save With Green Star Solutions…

When you choose Green Star, your savings will be significant. In addition to saving money washing dishes, doing laundry, showers, filling and maintaining your swimming pool, and you will reduce the cost of performing a variety of every day tasks.

Green Star can help you lower energy costs for your home or business. As well as serving residential locations, we serve a variety of businesses. In fact, we will design and integrate sustainable solar hot water systems (SHW) that are code-compliant for use on residential and commercial buildings.

Key aspects include specifications for system components, sizing of systems, and DC/AC wiring. The design for SHW Systems incorporate a family of high-performance advanced technology products. Such products include solar thermal collectors, tanks, pumps, piping, and controllers.

As Green Star Solutions integrates the best solar thermal product into each customer’s environment, we combine reliability, efficiency, and thermal (heat) output with a cost-effective solution. Once complete, you will save greatly.

Furthermore, multiple mounting and installation options are available for your energy needs. Occasionally, the project size can be significant. In such event, engineering and plan review services will be provided.

In the event of an extreme weather, we provide extensive warranties on our products and workmanship. With this in mind, we hope we give you peace of mind.

Not to mention, every solar thermal system installed by Green Star Solutions features these important and beneficial components and services:

  • Professional site visit, shading analysis, and system design by a NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Professional Installer

  • System design includes location of the solar collector arrays, tanks, pumps, controllers, and piping arrangement

  • Master Plumber and Master Electrician to supervise

  • All permits and scheduling of final inspections

  • Experienced rebate & tax credit assistance

  • Extensive warranties on collectors, pumps, controllers, piping, and workmanship

  • Weatherproof labeling applied for your convenience and to code specifications

Now that you have this information, we hope you chose us for your solar thermal needs.